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[wallpaper] arashi - believe in the world
shaneen wrote in verybigdanger
i'm updating the community again...isn't this weird? haha, it's because of a beautiful break i'd like to call winter vacation. oh yes, no school for a whole week.
here's a new wallpaper using the images of the lotus covers.
two things: i especially love the regular edition cover, and lotus is a weird word. oh and i love jun's hair.

DOWNLOAD: mediafire
SIZES AVAILABLE: 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 800, & 1024 x 768.
NOTES: translation lyrics by yarukizero, which is right here.
anyways, like i've said previously i'm alive and well. here's a pretty wallpaper for you to look at. if you're curious how the full thing looks, here's a screenshot of my very-bare desktop. (it's because i don't like cluttered desktops...but go ahead and have fun stalking my calendar/to do list of homework.) to be honest i didn't even know this single existed until about friday because i'm that great of a fangirl! i've been out of the loop lately, spare me haha.
as always - if you would like to request a different sized wallpaper, just ask!

comment, crediting, and enjoy!

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