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[album] 嵐 - Beautiful World
shaneen wrote in verybigdanger
hey look, long time no see. i bring you arashi's new album to help feed your latest eargasm. mmmmm.

嵐 - Beautiful World

RELEASE: July 6, 2011
GENRE: J-Pop, Hip-Pop, Rainbows
BUY: YesAsia

01 Rock this
02 まだ見ぬ世界へ
03 Lφve Rainbow
04 always
05 Shake it !
06 虹のカケラ~no rain, no rainbow~
07 Dear Snow
08 Hung up on
09 Joy
10 どこにでもある唄。
11 negai
12 Lotus
13 「じゃなくて」
14 morning light
15 To be free
16 このままもっと
17 果てない空
18 遠くまで


support artists, use your latest paycheck to buy it, yup, i can hear your wallet crying too.
hotlinking is stupid, but commenting/crediting are always good.

New album already?! Wow, I didn't even know they were working on one.
Thanks for posting this :)

same boat as you dear, i've been so lost in the arashi fandom lately haha.

thank you. i have been waiting so long for this album.:-)

Thank you so much!^^ Can't wait to listen it!3

thank you for sharing :)

taking this, thank you so much!! ^^

Thank you sooooo much for uploading and sharing! It seemed eternity to wait for this album! Thank you again! I love it!

Thanks a lot for sharing the album :D

m(_ _)m thank u so much for sharing!!<3

Thank you! This album is so good <3

THANKYEW x100000000
Thanks for sharing/uploading:)

my wallet is virtually empty right now, thank you very very much for this.


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